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Jinchi product quality assurance and after-sales service

Quality assurance period The quality assurance period of the equipment is 12 months after the final acceptance. Scope of Quality Assurance The following situations do not belong to the scope of quality assurance: 1) Failures caused by natural disasters or force majeure; 2) Malfunctions caused by illegal operations and improper storage; 3) Failure caused by using the equipment at will without following the operating instructions; 4) Consumables and quasi-consumables (all seals, heating elements and heat-resistant steel parts, etc.); 5) The failure caused by the specifications of the public facilities provided by the user do not meet the equipment requirements; 6) Losses caused by vapors and melts produced by the treated material; After-sales service guarantee Jinchi oven not only provides customers with equipment with excellent performance, but also provides perfect after-sales service. And make the following commitments to customers: 1) During the quality guarantee period, if any parts are damaged within the scope of warranty, free repair or replacement is provided; 2) During the quality assurance period, if the equipment failure is outside the scope of the warranty, we will provide paid repair or replacement; 3) After the warranty period, we provide paid after-sales service and spare parts supply; 4) When the user makes a request for after-sales service, we will respond within 8 hours in China; 5) Arrive at the scene within 48 hours if necessary; 6) Provide a more efficient way according to the actual situation of the user.



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