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PTFE Powder Sintering Furnace

Dimensions of working chamber: Width 1800mm, Depth 1000mm, Height 1700mm Inner container: Made from §1.2 304stainless steel by seam welding, with expansion gaps reserved, not deform at high temperature. Furnace shell: inner container formed by seam welding of A3 cold rolled plates with expansion gaps reserved, not deform at high temperature. Working temperature: Ambient temperature- 450°C (freely adjusted) Temperature control mode: Computer program control, overtemperature protector, LED display of set value and measured value. Voltage source: 380V (three-phase four-wire),,50HZ Electric heater: External heating by stainless steel seamless heating pipes Heating power:25KW Air supply mode: 750W*2 oven thermostable long-axis motors equipped with stainless steel impeller blades to force hot air to circulate rapidly and make temperature uniform. Saved configuration: as customer demands Optional components: A stainless steel stand, an aluminum basin, capability of drying 500kg materials at a time Other specification: Customizable

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