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Molded Board Sintering Furnace

The furnace is mostly used for sinter molding of moulded boards, with advantages following:: Safe and convenient The free setting of multiple master sintering curves and dual protective circuits will ensure its safety while improving benefits (fault short message function optional); Thermal insulation High-quality aluminum silicate wool as thermal insulation material will never shrink, and effectively reduce production cost by virtue of high thermal insulation property and little power consumption. No fault basically, durable in use The heating elements adopt seamless stainless steel heating pipes externally connected, which will avoid fault of high-temperature oxidation in furnace, have long service life and reduce troubles of changing heater strips during production.    d.Large bearing capacity     The frame structure under the furnace has large bearing capacity.。  Product Description: Dimensions of working chamber: Width 2800mm, Depth 2800mm, Height 2000mm Inner container: Made from §1.5304 stainless steel by seam welding, with expansion gaps reserved, not deform at high temperature. Furnace shell: inner container formed by seam welding of A3 cold rolled plates with expansion gaps reserved, not deform at high temperature. Working temperature: Ambient temperature- 450°C (freely adjusted) Temperature control mode: Computer program control, overtemperature protector, LED display of set value and measured value. Voltage source: 380V (three-phase four-wire),50HZ Electric heater: External heating by stainless steel seamless heating pipes Heating power: 50KW in four groups, individual control for each group Air supply mode: 750W*8 oven thermostable long-axis motors equipped with stainless steel impeller blades to force hot air to circulate rapidly and make temperature uniform. Saved configuration: as customer demands Other specification: Customizable

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