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Fluorine pump oven

It is mainly used for fluorine-lined pumps, fluorine-lined valves and pipeline linings, and can also be used for drying and baking of other workpieces with large self-weight. This product has the characteristics of good thermal insulation performance, high temperature control accuracy, wide temperature adjustment range and beautiful appearance. Through reliable dual circuit design and dual electrical control, it is impossible to lose control and thus effectively ensure the safety of the product. The box is equipped with a hot air circulation system, so that the forced convection of the hot air can obtain the ideal temperature effect. This product has a reasonable structure, the shell material is made of high-quality cold plate, the inner tank is made of stainless steel, and the box body and bottom are made of channel steel frame structure. Aluminum silicate cotton is used as insulation material between the shell and the studio, the electric control part is located on the left side, and the heating element is at the bottom and both sides of the inner tank.

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