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151 Electrothermal Blast Drying Box

The oven having stainless steel inner container and turntable is used for sinter molding of PTFE and trichloroethylene products or high temperature aging test of electrical insulating materials such as rubber and plastic, the temperature control system employing dual display instrument interlocking control is more accurate and reliable, and it is optional to use a programmed temperature controller for programming control or remote control according to customer demands. The shell is made from high-quality sheet steel and structural steel, the inner container and turntable are stainless steel, and aluminum silicate wool with heat conductivity coefficient smaller than 0.04 is filled between the shell and working chamber. There is a window (door) on the door of the oven for observing sintering process and a rotary tray inside for users to place products, the turntable will rotate during the sintering process for ensuring high quality, and a high-power axial flow blower is mounted inside the oven to promote air circulation, which is contributing to uniform temperature and enhanced service life of heating pipes, the intuitive computer program temperature controller is arranged on the control cabinet, and it is possible to solely control heating switch and choose heating powers. However, the remote control and centralized control are available as actual conditions.

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