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Sintering Furnace for Pipe, Valve Lining Fluoride

The oven is mainly used for drying and baking linings of fluorine lining pump, fluorine lining valve and pipeline linings, as well as for other workpieces with larger self weight. It is featured by excellent thermal insulation property, high temperature control accuracy, wide temperature adjustment range and attractive appearance, the dual circuit design and dual control of electric devices will eliminate any possibility of out of control and effectively keep its safety. The hot air circulation system inside the oven will provide the oven with ideal temperature by forced convection of hot air. The product is reasonably constituted of a shell made out of high-quality cold rolled steel plate, an inner container made from stainless steel, and a U-steel frame around the four sides and the bottom. The gaps between the shell and the working chamber are totally filled with aluminum silicate wool as thermal insulation materials, and the electric control part is arranged at the left side, the heating elements are distributed at the bottom and two sides of the inner container, there are enough gaps at the lower part or left and right sides of inner container to facilitate forced convection of hot air in the oven, and air inlet and air vent are respectively arranged on the top and bottom of the oven.

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